Spotlight: Yellowstone National Park

One of the best family trips we’ve ever taken, Yellowstone – along with its smaller but spectacular neighbor Grand Teton National Park – should be high on any nature lover’s list. Due to forces out of our control, we were there at THE most crowded time… and yet, even so, it is easy to get away from virtually everyone, as long as you know how (hint: I do). Having your own car or renting one is essential, and if you want to partake in the excellent camping, you’ll need to bring, borrow or rent that equipment as well. In addition to the famed geyser Old Faithful, you’ll want to see the beautiful multicolored hot springs (too hot to swim in! But I can tell you where you CAN swim). Keep an eye out for the huge bison, bears, elk and moose, among many other wild animals. With advanced planning, we ended up with a waterfront campsite and had the whole of Jenny Lake to ourselves. If camping isn’t your thing, there is a variety of levels of lodging, including some fun rustic cabins we enjoyed. It’s also easy to add an overnight in Cody, Wyoming, home of a fantastic museum about Buffalo Bill and a real live rodeo. Or you can start or end in Jackson Hole, enjoying a glass of wine at the top of the chair lift.

Discover what makes America great… and avoid the pitfalls that make it a little less great.

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  1. Jane Lurie says:

    Beautiful. I love this spot – one of my favorite parks.


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