Beach Getaway

If you’re like many people, when you think of “getting away from it all,” you think of lying on a gorgeous white-sand beach with crystal clear blue water lapping nearby, perhaps while sipping a tropical cocktail. But to find just the right resort for you, we’ll talk, so you can look at paradise and not a parking lot. All-inclusive resorts have come a long way, if your idea of relaxing is not having to worry about being nickel and dimed. There are a lot of differences among them, though, and what I recommend will depend on your priorities and budget. Don’t like All-Inclusive and prefer to explore the local area and try local restaurants? Not a problem; I can help steer you to the right beach resort for this too. Some resorts are adults-only; others aren’t but don’t offer too much for kids. Who will be in your group?

Some questions to ponder:

  • Are you more of a beach or pool person?
  • Do you want to stay “on resort” or might you want to explore?
  • Are you a foodie?
  • Would you like a resort with a focus on wellness?
  • Do you enjoy a lively nightlife scene?
  • What activities if any would you like? (snorkeling, scuba diving, cultural excursions, nature hikes, zip lining, adventure parks, historical sites, etc.)

We’ll discuss all of that – and your budget and timeframe – and get you the best match. 

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