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I offer “concierge” travel planning at an affordable price – a hybrid of traditional travel agent work and a more tailored approach. Planning an itinerary that makes the most of your days and money takes time, know-how and expertise. When does it make sense to stay at a hotel vs. an AirBnB? When can you trust reviews? What neighborhoods should you stay in? When and where do you need to get tickets to museums and other sites ahead of time, and when can you afford more spontaneity? With extensive experience planning travel for groups, families and individuals, I know what to look for, how to navigate the process and how to read between the lines. If your plans include higher end tours, cruises or lodging, my fees listed below are negotiable and may even be waived.

Check out the 2020 Virtuoso Catalog of their “Best of the Best” unique travel experiences – let me know if any of these appeal to you! By booking Virtuoso properties and experiences through me, you will have access to upgrades and other special amenities not otherwise available.

I will work with you to transform your travel style, priorities, budget and time constraints into a fantastic trip. Prefer to book your own tours? Click here for all kinds of options, reviewed.

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~Roadtripper Level~
Consultation and itinerary guidance. $75 per hour of travel planning (I do not charge for booking lodging, transportation, tours). This is my most popular level.
Get in touch.

~Globetrotter Level~
In-depth travel guidance, including destination, itinerary, lodging, unique ideas to add and logistical advice. $150 per day of travel (consulting can be by email/phone/in person).
Let’s work together to create your ideal itinerary.

~Jetsetter Level~
In-depth day-by-day personal and tailored travel planning; I arrange on-the-ground logistics and am available to you during your trip. $1000 for a one-week trip; $1800 for a two-week trip. $150 per additional day of travel.
Let me work with you to plan your ideal trip.

~Daytripper Level~
Do your needs not fit in with the above? Are you a business traveler who wants to add a day or two to explore your destination? Let me know what you’re thinking; I would love to help if I can.
Contact me.

~Sabbatical Planning~
Would you like to live overseas? You’ve come to the right place. I can help you figure out what will work best for you and your family and how to achieve it.
Let’s work together.

Inspire World Travel is an affiliate of Gateway Travel, a Virtuoso® Member. Julia Slatcher was selected as a 2018 G Adventures Ambassador of Change

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2018 Ambassador of Change

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